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One Year. For One Whole Year I’ve Shown A Side Of The Bustling Fashion Industry In A Different Way. For One Year, I’ve Posted Illustrations From Men And Women Of Different Age Groups. People Have Been Motivated To Start Their Journey On Becoming An Artist, Fashion Designer, Or Even Just Practicing To Draw. My Goal From Age 16 Was Completed; Expose To People The Art That People Create From Motivation, Celebrities, Models, And Others Art. But, Now I Have A New Goal. I Want To Reach Out To People In A Whole New Way. I Want To Give Advice, Show The Behind-The-Scenes On Artists, And Do Many Surprises. This Platform Isn’t Just For Future Illustrators, Fashion Designers, Or Beauty Moguls. It’s For Everybody, For Anyone Who Wants To Look At The Official TrendSketches Blog For Any Reason. It’s For You.

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