Too Creative Artists

Too Creative Art Is An Artist Duo That Creates Beautiful Art In Which Is Known As “Too Creative Style”. From Fashion Models To Music Artists Their Appealing Art Has More Than Meets The Eye. The Distinct Style In The Art Unlocks A Serene Feeling From Within; It Is Independent, Sumptuous, And Should Be Well Known.

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1. Was The Beginning Of You Guys Journey Making Illustrations Hard?

“Creating Artwork Takes A Lot Of Time And Is Hard Work, But It Is What We Love Doing And We Don’t Mind It At All! Getting Us Where We Are Today Has Taken Over Two Years Of Non-Stop Work; Late Nights Of Drawing And Very Early Starts, But Every Minute Is So Worth It!”

2. Where Does The Inspiration Usually Come From?

“The Inspiration Comes From Within. We Don’t Get Inspired By Any Fellow Artist Or Artwork. We Simply Want To Create Art, Sometimes From Existing Images, And At Other Times From Nothing!”

3. Why Do You Both Do What You Do?

“It Is The Enjoyment Of A Blank Piece Of Paper Turn[ed] Into Something Wonderful! It Might Light Up Somebody’s Day And It Makes Us Happy! You Reach A Point When Art Becomes Such A Big Part Of You, That You Do It Because You Have To! For Me, It Relaxes Me After A Tough Day. Music And Art Go Hand-In-Hand With TooCreative, And When There’s Two Artists Working Side By Side, It Is Never Quiet Here!”

4. How Has Both Of Your Skills Changed Over Time?

“Looking Back Over The Last Two Years, Since We Have Been Working Together As TooCreative, We Can Definitely See An Improvement. We Are Using Different Art Materials Mainly And Have Expanded Our Portfolio. We Must Have Improved, As Ricky’s Design Is Now On The Cover Of Kylie And Dannii Minogue Vinyl And EP 100 Degrees.”

5. Was Becoming A Illustrator A Lifelong Dream Or Did Something/Someone Change Your Aspiration?

“We Are Not Illustrators, One-Half Of TooCreative Is A Fine Artist, Ricky, With Multi-Disciplinary Skills In Printmaking, Painting, [And] Sculpture. But Yes, Creative Industries Is Our Lifelong Dream! So Far It Has Been An Amazing Journey And We Cannot Wait To See What The Future Holds For Us!”

6. Finally, What Are The Challenges Of Being Illustrators?

“We Only Have One Challenge, If The Artwork Isn’t Good Enough It Goes In The Bin/Rubbish And We Start Again! We Have Very High Standards, And Always Have Been Like This!”

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Love, Nikkol Baker

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