Beauty Tips: Products And Brands For Dark Skin

When You Have Dark Skin, It Could Be Very Hard To Find Foundation In The Spectrum That Is Your Color. Many Makeup Companies Have Foundation, Concealer, Powders, And More That May Not Have Your Skin Tone. But, There Are Some Companies That Have The Perfect Makeup For You, That Isn’t Too Light Or Too Dark. Check Out Some Of These Makeup Companies Below!



Photo Credit: @MochaPrincesses Via Instagram

Black Radiance

Black Radiance Is A Makeup Company That Has Loads Of Products For Those Who Is African American, Has Dark Skin, Ethnic Skin, And Skin With Darker Tones. Their Products Range From Makeup Accessories To Foundations. Their Store Is Online, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, And More.

Black Up

Black Up Cosmetics Is A Cosmetics Company That Has It All. From Nails To Contour Palettes Their Company For POC (People Of Color) Has Amazing Products. On Their Site Are Steps To Finding The Right Foundation For You; Just In Case You Need A Little Help.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics Has Foundations, Concealers, And Powders That Go To Dark Skin Tones. Their Cosmetic Line Is Also Extremely Big, Having Stores In Different Countries. My First MAC Product (Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation – 8.5) Was Actually Bought In Cancún, Mexico!


Photo Credit: @MochaPrincesses Via Instagram


Lancôme Cosmetics

Lancôme Cosmetics Has An Outstanding Variety Of Products. Their Foundation Colors Has Many Shades For People With Dark Color (Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation – 560 Suede C Is Thee Darkest, Most Beautiful Foundation Shade), Light, And Shades In Between.

IMAN Cosmetics

IMAN Cosmetics Has Skin Care Products, Makeup, A Blog, And Tons Of Looks! There Is A Huge Variety Of Amazing Products On Their Site! There Is A Product For Every, Beautiful Skin Tone!

There Is Of Course More Amazing Makeup Companies That Have A Variety Of Colors, Products, And More. But, Know That Your Skin Color Is Beautiful, It Is Different, And It Is Outstanding. Let Your Melanin Shine, Let Your Dark Skin Glow! Fight Against What Society Deems Beautiful And What Isn’t! Thank You Trenders, And As Always, Follow And Share The Official TrendSketches Blog ❣!

Love, Nikkol Baker


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