How-To: A Small Guide To Following Your Dreams

After Reading This Title, You’re Probably Thinking, “Follow Your Dreams? Seriously?”. Starting From A Very Young Age, You Have Dreams. Some Dreams Are As Simple As ‘Going To Disney World’ Or ‘Getting A Doll’. Some Dreams Aren’t Your Own, But Could Be Your Parents Dreams, Like One Day ‘Becoming A Doctor’ Or ‘Working Towards A PhD’. Whatever The Dream Is, It’s Real. YOU Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To. Following Your Dreams Isn’t A Fairytale Or Disney Plot; It’s Real Life. It’s A Real Thing That Can Be Accomplished If You Try.

Know Your Dream

To Follow Your Dreams, You First Have To Know It. You Have To Recognize It, Be Realistic And Keep Doubt Out Of Your System. When You Have Something That You Want To Work Towards, You Become Motivated. Know That Your Dream Is Something You Want, Whether It’s Small, Big, Takes 5 Minutes Or A Year. For Example, Ever Since I Could Remember, I Wanted To Become A Celebrity Fashion Designer And Own A Clothing Store Franchise. I Was Given Countless Art Supplies, Students At My School Wanted Me To Add Designs To Their Clothes, And Other People Did Things To Help Me. But, I Never Used The Art Supplies, Or Tried To Increase My Skill In Fashion Designing. And I Realize Now It Was Because I Didn’t Want To Become Fashion Designer. So, Have A Dream That You Know You Want To Accomplish.

Have The Right Demeanor And Attitude

Have A Positive Attitude About Your Dream, Because If You Don’t Have A Positive Attitude, Who Will? See The Glass Half-Full; No Obstacle Is Going To Make You Fail. No Challenge Is Too Great, Because You Trust In Yourself. You Have To Completely And Always Believe In Yourself And Know That You’re Going To Get This Dream Completed.

Work Towards Your Goal

Working Towards Your Dreams Doesn’t Mean Just Planning And Saying, “I’m Going To Do It By This Time.”, It’s Actually Building It. It’s Actually Going Out There, Getting The Supplies, And Doing It. It’s Understanding, Researching, And Putting Your Full Available Time And Effort. Depending On Your Dream, It May Take A Month, Week, An Hour, Or A Year, But No Matter How Long It Is You Should Always Put The Same Effort Forth In Completing Your Dream.

Don’t Rush

Rushing Makes Mistakes. Cracks And Holes Are Dug Into Your Foundation, Which Makes You Miss Vital Steps. Mistakes Are Going To Happen, But You Don’t Want To Create A Mistake That You Can Easily Avoid. Work Diligently, Work Passionately.

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To, And I Mean It. Do Well, I Believe In YOU; So Believe In Yourself! And As Always, Follow And Share The Official TrendSketches Blog ❣!

Love, Nikkol Baker

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