Illustrator Of The Week: @ZolaArtsFactory

The Amazingly Talented Brittany, Or Most Known As Zola, Has An Substantial Amount Of Beautiful Art And Talent. Her Art Is Purely African American People, With Beautiful, Realistic Features That Captures The Attention Of Any One Looking. Her Art Is Distinct, Not Only Because She Uses Different Gorgeous And Bright Colors, But Also Because The People In The Art Are Illustrated In Different Sizes And Fashion.

Ebony šŸŒ» art drawing illustration blackart blackgirlsrock bl(‘Ebony’ Created By Zola)

Zola, A Self-Taught Artist Based In Orlando, Is Quite Awe-Inspiring. She’s The Illustrator Of The Week Because Her Art Has A Different Background;Ā It’s Dope And Hip. Zola’s Art Is Extremely Stunning. African American Culture, History, And Ancestry Is Depicted In Multiple Ways. From Calm Drawings, To Drawings Out Of This World, They All EmanateĀ A PleasedĀ Feeling. All Of Zola’s Art Radiates Loads Of Care, Love, And Emotion. With Style And Dopeness, Zola Makes Her Art Stand Out Of All Others.

Zola Currently Sells Amazing Art At Her Site, So Grab One While You Can!

To See Plently More Of Zola’s Art, Visit HerĀ Instagram:Ā @ZolaArtsFactory, Or Her Website! And As Always, Share And Follow The Official TrendSketches BlogĀ ā£!

Love, Nikkol Baker

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