Diana Sultanova

Introducing, Russian Fashion Designer/Illustrator Diana Sultonova! This Magical Artist Creates Unique And Breathtaking Pieces Of Art With A Spiritual Twinge Of Beauty. If You Don’t Know Who Diana Sultanova Is, Learn Now And See Her EXCLUSIVE Interview!

Diana Sultanova Is A Fashion Illustrator, Artist, And Designer Based In Moscow, Russia. Sultanova’s Illustrations Can Be Noticed A Mile Away Because Of Her Distinct And Special Theme. I Asked Sultanova Multiple Questions About Her, Her Inspiration, And Her Style.


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When You Illustrate, It’s In A Specific Style. Where Did You Get Your Style From?

“I’ve Learned My Techniques At The Art Lyceum And Moscow State University Of Design And Technology. I Really Love To Create Fashion Illustrations That Reflect My Vision Of Clothes And Accessories. I Always Try To Make Every Illustration A Work Of Art. I Think We Have A Shortage Of Pure, Calm And Delicate Beauty In Our Bustling World; So I Am Trying To Create Something Truly Beautiful. I Want To Show A Part Of My Own Fairytale World To Other People, And Tell A Story Without Words. I Keep Learning And Trying To Make My Work Better.”


What Inspired You To Illustrate In Such A Different Way?

“I Have Always Been Enchanted By [The] Cold And Calm Beauty Of Catholic Medieval Temples And Churches. I Love Silence And Semidarkness, Which Reigns There. I Want To Transmit This Pure, Spiritual Beauty In My At. The Beauty Is Timeless, And I Have [Also] Always Loved Fairytales; Maybe That’s Why Women In My Illustrations Resemble Fairytale Princessess’s And Queens. I Also Have Always Been Inspired By Pre-Raphaelite’s And Renaissance Art. I Love That Kind Of A Woman’s Beauty; So Pure And Mysterious At The Same Time.”

What’s You Favorite Place To View Art?

Diana Sultanova Has Three Places She Loves To View Art At: The Pushkin State Museum Of Fine Arts (Located In Moscow, Russia), Musee des Beaux Arts (Located In Dijon, France), And Musee des Arts Décoratifs (Located In Paris, France).


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Do You Have A Favorite Artist?

“I Like A Lot Of Artists, For Example: Hieronymus Bosch (15th Century Netherland Painter), Sandro Botticelli (Italian Painter That Created ‘The Birth of Venus’), John Everett Millais (19th Century English Painter), Dante Gabriel Rossetti (19th Century Illustrator And Poet), And Many More! I Love Medieval Art.”

Lastly, What Are The Challenges Of Being An Artist?

“There Are Many Challenges. It Is Really Hard To Find Your Personal Style And Make People Notice And Understand You. It’s Also Not Always Easy Finding A Job.”

Wow! Thank You So Much Diana Sultanova For Some Insight On Being A Fashion Illustator; Continue To Do What You Do! Be Sure To Check Out Sultanova’s Instagram And Her Perfectly Done Art! And As Always, Follow And Share The Official TrendSketches Blog ❣!

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