Illustrator Of The Week: Lyubomir Dochev

Lyubomir Dochev Is An Amazing Illustrator From Bulgaria. @LDochev Is Crazy Talented At Making Illustrations Of Celebrities Like Rihanna, Zendaya, And Many More. Dochev Is The Illustrator Of The Week Because His Illustration Style Is One Of The Greatest Ever Seen!

‘Tommy x GiGi’ By @LDochev

@LDochev Is A 20 Year Old From Bulgaria. ‘I’ve [Been] Drawing Since I Was A Child And I Am Self-Taught. As Seen From My Illustrations, My Main Inspirations Are Women, Fashion, And People. I Love To Illustrate! This Way, I Can Express The Way I See A Certain Person And Not Just Copy. I Love Being Creative With My Art And Thinking Outside The Box.’

I Asked Dochev What He Planned On Bringing Into 2017. ‘ I Really Would Like To Create My Art And Work With Big Brands And Celebrities In 2017. I [Also] Really Want To Meet Rihanna, Zendaya, And Ariana Grande, And I Would Love To Collaborate With Them.’

Sounds Like An Amazing 2017 Goal! When I Started @TrendSketches, @LDochev Was One Of The First Few Illustrators I Followed. Dochev Was A Illustrator That Captured My Eye, Because He Has Great Illustrations And Illustrates Beautiful Celebrties. Some Of LDochev’s Illustrations Can Be Viewed Below, But Also On His Instagram, @LDochev.

Keep Doing What You Do, Lyubomir Dochev! And As Always, Follow And Share The Official TrendSketches Blog ❣!

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