How-To: Start Illustrating

Illustrating Can Be A Very Complicated Thing To Start. There Are So Many Questions; How Do I Start? What Do I Start With?  What’s Required? Know That There Are No Boundaries When It Comes To Creating Your Masterpieces, And This Is A Guide To Learn How To Do Just That.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice Makes Perfection! If This Is Your First Time Illustrating, Practice Is Most Likely Needed, And It’s Okay! Practicing Consists Of Searching For Tools That Help, Drawing As Much As You Possibly Can, And Learning The Basics. Searching For Tools Means Searching Through The Internet, Exploring In Books, Or Looking Through Other Sources. I Recommend Using YouTube. There Are Over 16,000 Videos Online On ‘Basic Fashion Illustrations’, And They Are Very Helpful. One YouTuber I Suggest Is Zyra Bañez; She Was One Of The First Illustrators I Subscribed To That Helped Me With Illustrating. Also, Draw As Much As You Possibly Can. The More, The Better. Drawing Helps Because You Can Find Your Specific Style. There Are Varieties Of Styles, And With Practice And Determination, You Can Find Yours. You Don’t Have To Start Off Drawing A Supermodel, But You Can Start Out Drawing Rough Sketches Of Model Figures And Go From There. Start From What YOU Feel Comfortable With. Know That Skill Can’t Be Gained Overnight, So It’s Okay If Your First Few Sketches Aren’t What You Envisioned It To Be.


‘Spring’ By Zyra Banez

Find Your Inspiration

An Abundant Amount Of Illustrators Work From Inspiration. Inspiration Can Come From Something As Small As Plants, To Something As Big As A Celebrity. So, Go And Explore! 14449223_654863161357976_5899406420238925824_n For Example, @Edgar_Artis Creates Beautiful Fashion Illustrations Using Different Objects, And It Makes His Artwork Stand Out! This Illustration Is A Bridal Illustration Made Out Of Flowers, Pearls, And Much More. Alot Of His Art Features Food Items, Nature, Or Common Household Items.





@ShamekhBluwi Started The Trend Of Cutting Art And Using Different Locations To Express It. Bluwi Also Displays Art On Coffee Cups, And Does Perfect One Minute Sketches. If You Have An Idea Pop Up In Your Head; Use It! There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Idea When It Comes To Illustrating. Go Over The Limits, And Broaden The Horizon Of The Illustration World.

Stay Motivated

One Thing You Should Not Do, Is Quit. Quitters Never Prosper, And Quitting Doesn’t Improve Skills. Your First 10, 20, Or 30 Sketches Might Not Be What You Visualize, But Your 31st May Be That FLAWLESS Sketch. Try And Try Until You Succeed! You Can Stay Motivated By Looking At Your Favorite Illustrators And Keeping Up With The Trends. Illustrate Until You Can’t Illustrate Any Longer. You Can Do This, And That’s Coming From The Heart.

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