Your Questions Answered

Weeks Ago I Gave You Trenders The Oppurtunity To Ask Questions You’ve Always Wanted The Answer To… And You Supplied! Your Answers Are Below!

‘What Is Your Favorite Fashion Brand?’

I Would Have To Say My Two Most Favorite Brands Are Puma And Timberland (Timberland Is Mainly My Favorite).

‘Do You Think Fashion And Food Compliment Each Other?’

Why, Yes I Do! I’d Say Fashion And Food Go Together Like White On Rice. It’s Hard To Explain, But It Is The Two Things I Love And Enjoy The Most. Going Out To Eat I Have To Dress Up, No Matter Where It Is. One Thing Where Food And Fashion Was Everywhere, Was In Paris. When I Visited Paris, It Was The Most Diverse Place I’ve Ever Seen. But What Stood Out To Me Was The Clothing And Food. Parisians Dressed… Perfectly, And There Was A Dated But Beautiful Outside CafĂ© On Every Corner. All In All, I Think Fashion And Food Is The Best Combination In The World.

‘What Is Your Business In Regards To Fashion?’

My Fashion Blog And Promoting Other Fashion Or Cosmetic Companies Is The Only Business In Regards To Fashion That I Proudly Do!

‘How Do I Get My Design Concepts On Paper? I Have Concepts Of Apparel, But I’m Bad At Sketching?’

Bad At Sketching? Never! No Sketch Is Bad! To Help You Gain More Prowess In Illustrating, There Are Many Resources That You Can Find Just On The Internet. I Discuss That As Well As I Could In My Blog Post How-To: Start Illustrating. It’s A Wonderful Read, Check It Out!

‘How Did You Learn To Sketch? What’s Your First Brand Of Markers/Color Pencils That You Used?’

I Unfortunately Haven’t Sketched For Over A Year, But I Remember Taking Art Classes And Constantly Illustrating. I Looked Up Model Sketching Tutorials And (At The Time) When I Wanted To Become A Fashion Designer, I Would Constantly Look Up Sewing Videos. The First Brand I Had Was Copic Markers And An Expensive Box Of Coloring Pencils With An Easel; I Received Those Gifts At The Age Of 12 From My Amazing Grandparents.

‘Why Don’t You Delete Your Account?’

My Account Is Made To Ensure That I Help People Create Art And Be Motivated. To Help People (That Need It) Gain The Confidence To Do What They Want To Do In Life Without Worrying About The Callous, Apathetic People That Put Them Down. To Help Them Put Their Best Foot Forward And Avoid Making Mistakes, But Also Learning That It’s Okay To Do So. To Carry An Enthusiastic Perspective Throughout Their Art, Their Thoughts, And Their Life. Your Question Wasn’t Directly Answered, But Than Again I’m Not Really Forced To Answer It. Take What You Can From The Paragraph Above, And Think About It.

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