Spring Break 2017

This Spring Break Was My Last As A Minor, And I Was Prepared To Go All Out! This Year We Went On A Cruise To Visit The Most Tropical Places In The World. Check Out The Three Places My Family And I Visited.

The Tremont House

The First Place We Traveled To Was Galveston, Texas To Stay In A Luxurious Suite Located At ‘The Tremont House’. We Stayed At This Hotel So We Can Board Our Ship Early The Next Day. And Talk About High Class! Our Suite Was The Epitome Of Luxury. It Consisted Of A Kitchen, Two Bathrooms, A Living Room, And A Spacious Bedroom. I Was Used To The Hotel Rooms With Just One Room And A Bathroom, So It Was All New To Me. When We Settled In, We Set Out To A Wonderful Restaurant That Served Delicious Breakfast All Day.

Carnival Breeze

The Carnival Breeze Is Probably The Biggest Cruise Ship I’ve Ever Seen In My 17 Years Of Life. This Cruise Ship Had It All: Jacuzzi’s, Multiple Pools, Several Bars, Multiple Restaurants (Which I, Along With The Bar, Frequently Indulged In), A Spa, Arcade, And So Much More. We Ate, Partied, Watched Movies At The Pool, Ate Steak Or Prime Rib Everyday, And Had Ourselves A Blast. We Were On This Ship For 3 Days Constantly Doing Activities The Ship Hosted, Waiting For Our Arrival To Our First Destination: Montego Bay.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Jamaica Is A Really Breathtaking Place With Energetic People. The Majority Of The Island Country Is Filled With Jungle, And Everywhere You Turn The Scenic Ocean Seems To Follow You. In Jamaica Our Excursion Was Climbing Dunn’s River Falls, Which Required A Lot Of Agility And Endurance, But Was Immensely Fun. We First Traveled About 2 Hours From Montego Bay To Our Destination Ocho Rios, Where We Proceeded To Eat Lunch (Which Was Authentic Jerk Chicken And Dirty Rice, It Was Heaven On A Platter!) And Then Set Out To Climb One Of Jamaica’s National Treasures. During Our Ride We Had A Tour Guide Who Would Fill Our Brains With Knowledge. She Would Also Sing Some Of Jamaica’s Popular ‘Chants’ And Teach Us Some Of Their Language. During Our Trip We Met Some Of The People, Shopped For Souvenirs, And Learned A Bit About Their Highly Fascinating Culture. All In All, Jamaica Is Insanely Beautiful.


Dunn’s River Falls


Yes, This Is Jamaica!


Cayman Islands

Our Next Destination Was The Magnificent Cayman Islands, Where We Set Off To Swim With The Dolphins; Something That Scared And Excited Me. This Particular Island Is Only 22 Miles Long And Around 4 Miles Wide. This Island Is Tax Free, And Is The Place Where The Richest Hide Their Money. Tropical Trees Invaded The Island And Is Surrounded By Piercing Blue Shallow Water. Because Of This, We Weren’t Able To Port Our Insanely Large Cruise Ship. We Instead Took A Small Cute Boat To The Island And Ported That Way. Our Bus Ride Was About 10 Minutes To Our Place Where We Would Swim With Bottlenose Dolphins. And Let Me Tell You… Those Dolphins Are The Sweetest! They Pushed Us, Pulled Us, Kissed And Hugged Us, And Laughed All The Time. The Dolphins Were The Best Part Of The Cayman Island Adventure. Afterwards, We Went To Their Prized Beach Where Club Music And Cigar Smoke Engulfed The Air. We Ate At An Outdoor Restaurant And Enjoyed The Gorgeous View That Is Grand Cayman.

Cozumel, Mexico

My Third Time In Mexico Was The Best Time In Mexico. In Cozumel, Our Excursion Was ATVing And Visiting Their Wonderful Beach. When We Arrived, We Watched A Short Educational Video On ATV’s, And Had The Ride Of Our Lives! We Learned A Bit Of Cozumel’s History, Indulged In The Snacks Provided: Chips With Pumpkin Dip And Habanero Pepper Sauce Along With Orchata. Sweaty And Dusty, We Were In ATV Paradise. After Our Hour Long Ride, We Visited Their Beach. Instead Of My Family And I Swimming At The Beach, We Touched Iguanas And Drank Free Tequila. When We Got Back To Our Port, With Time To Spare We Ate At The Three Amigos.


My Last Spring Break With My Family Was My Best Spring Break With My Family. I Enjoyed Everything And Wish I Could Go Back In Time! But I Can’t, I Have To Prepare For My Next Vacation In December: Los Cabos, Mexico!

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