Fashion Illustrator Delyais Is A Long Time Trender And A Very Whimsical Artist. There Is Never A Dull Moment In Her Artwork And She’s Always Expressing Something Positive In Them; You Will Always Get Carefree And Cheery Vibes Just By Looking! She Is Very Dedicated To Making Sure Her Art Inspires People. Fetch A Snack And Get To Know Delyais!

Screenshot_20170809-110602Tell Me About Yourself And Your Love For Fashion Illustrating.

“I’m From Ukraine, And I’ve Been Drawing Since I Was 3 Or 4. I Don’t Have Much Education In This Profession And Sometimes It’s Troubling. My Advice Is To Gain Some Education On Illustrating To Better Yourself. Just A Year Ago I Had Only 3000 Followers And A Boring Office Job, But Now I’m A Freelancer And Finally Have Time For Myself. Drawing Is My Life. I’ve Always Liked Fashion, Especially Street And Alternative Styles. I Sketched It For Years But Now It’s Screenshot_20170809-110538Nothing Alike To Things That I Create Now. I Learned Many Important Lessons While Drawing, So Now It’s Much Easier. God Bless People Who Do Tutorials!”

What Influenced You To Become An Illustrator?
“I Remember When I Was About 7 Years Old I Started Drawing Fashion Illustrations, But Stopped. Years Ago I Started To Continue… The First Impressions I Got Was From Inslee Fariss And Much Later Hayden Williams, Megan Hess, And Holly Nichols. I Think They Are Iconic And Excellent Illustrators.”

Screenshot_20170809-110518What Inspires You The Most?
“It’s Mostly Blogggers, But Also General Music And Movies.”

Do You Want To Pursue A Career In Fashion?
“I Do And Have Big Plans For This, Hopefully It Goes Well.”

What Materials Do You Use For Your Illustrations?
“I Use Markers, Liners, Watercolors, Acrylic Colors, Gouache, Glitter, Etc.”

Lastly, How Would You Describe Your Personal Style? 
“Sunny, Because I Seriously Hope To Inspire People And Bringing Light To Their Hearts!”

Delyais Also Runs An Etsy Shop Which Is Where You Can Purchase Her Phone Cases And Prints Of Her Own Art. She Also Does Custom Portraits At A Very Reasonable Price. Check Out Delyais’s Instagram, @Delyais And Learn More About Her. Be Sure To Like And Follow The Official TrendSketches Blog ❣!


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