How-To: Find Your Style 2

Style Is Inclusive, So No Matter How You Dress There Is No Right Or Wrong. Whether You Flaunt It Or Not, Your Sense Of Style Defines Who You Are As A Person.  Are You Always Ready To Dress Bold And Daring? Do You Dress Rebelliously And Carefree? Read To See What Your Style Is!


Kylie Jenner’s Baddie Style

Kourtney Kardashian’s Baddie Style

Being Materialistic Isn’t A Bad Thing. Boujee Style Mainly Includes High-End Brands, But It Could Also Include Dressing Up In Urban Wear. You’re Not Afraid To Be Seen. Wearing Designer Pumps To An Event Is Not New Territory, And Glamour Is A Must Have. Your Discriminating Taste In Fashion Leads You To Wear Fitting Dresses, Fur, And Neutral Colors. Chokers Are A Fierce Fashion Statement And Will Forever Be Your Best Friend.


Zendaya’s Artsy Style

Solange’s Artsy Style

Artsy Style Is Incredibly Creative. Prints Of Different Kinds Are Always Involved In Your Clothing, And A Diversity Of Colors Is Not A Stranger To Your Style. You Like Bold Colored Lipstick And Unusual Jewelry. Yes, You Stand Out But You’re Too Fly To Care. Neutrals Are A No-Go And Stilettos Are Out Of The Equation. Booties, Wedges, And Sandals Are Welcomed With Open Arms.


Rihanna’s Street Style

Hailey Baldwin’s Street Style

Street Style Has Been Popular Since Hippies And Hip Hop. Street Fashion Is Youthful, It’s Hip And Urban And Portrays A Care-Free, Rebellious Attitude. Instagram Moguls Made Street Style Widely Popular, And It’s Now The Biggest Fashion Trend. Two Street Fashion Icons I LIVE For Is Rihanna And Hailey Baldwin. Denim On Denim, Athletic Gear, Leggings, And Showing Midriff Is Your Style.



Sarah Jessica Parker Conservative Style

Taylor Swift’s Conservative Style

So, Maybe The Bold Print And Chokers Aren’t For You. Conservative Dressers Keep To Themselves And Don’t Really Care For The Next Big Trend. Many People View This Type Of Style As Proper, And Often Associate It With “Preppy” Or “High Class”. Blouses, Corduroy Pants, Cardigans, And Flowy Dresses Are Most Likely Apart Of Your Wardrobe. You Say Yes To Flats, But No To Stilettos.




Those Are The Four Types Of Styles! What’s YOUR Style? Yes, There Will Be A Part Three! And Trenders, Remember To Like & Subscribe To The Official TrendSketches Blog! Recommended How-To: Find Your Style.

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