Illustrator Of The Week: @ZolaArtsFactory

The Amazingly Talented Brittany, Or Most Known As Zola, Has An Substantial Amount Of Beautiful Art And Talent. Her Art Is Purely African American People, With Beautiful, Realistic Features That Captures The Attention Of Any One Looking. Her Art Is Distinct, Not Only Because She Uses Different Gorgeous And Bright Colors, But Also Because The People In The Art Are Illustrated In Different Sizes And Fashion. Continue reading

How-To: A Small Guide To Following Your Dreams

After Reading This Title, You’re Probably Thinking, “Follow Your Dreams? Seriously?”. Starting From A Very Young Age, You Have Dreams. Some Dreams Are As Simple As ‘Going To Disney World’ Or ‘Getting A Doll’. Some Dreams Aren’t Your Own, But Could Be Your Parents Dreams, Like One Day ‘Becoming A Doctor’ Or ‘Working Towards A PhD’. Whatever The Dream Is, It’s Real. YOU Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To. Following Your Dreams Isn’t A Fairytale Or Disney Plot; It’s Real Life. It’s A Real Thing That Can Be Accomplished If You Try. Continue reading

Beauty Tips: Let Your Face Breathe!

Beauty Tips #1: Let Your Face Breathe!

Makeup To Me Is A Hobby, Way Of Life, And A Glamour Asset; To Others, Not So Much. But My Number One Priority To Skin Is Having A Clean Face That Makes My Pores Sing With Pure Joy! Here’s My 10 Minute Routine For An Immaculate Face 😍!

(If You Buy These Products, Make SURE There’s No Ingredients You’re Allergic Or Have Bad Reactions To Inside). Continue reading

The Official TrendSketches Blog

Screenshot_20160721-190244  (@TrendSketches First Instagram Post)

One Year. For One Whole Year I’ve Shown A Side Of The Bustling Fashion Industry In A Different Way. For One Year, I’ve Posted Illustrations From Men And Women Of Different Age Groups. People Have Been Motivated To Start Their Journey On Becoming An Artist, Fashion Designer, Or Even Just Practicing To Draw. My Goal From Age 16 Was Completed; Expose To People The Art That People Create From Motivation, Celebrities, Models, And Others Art. But, Now I Have A New Goal. I Want To Reach Out To People In A Whole New Way. I Want To Give Advice, Show The Behind-The-Scenes On Artists, And Do Many Surprises. This Platform Isn’t Just For Future Illustrators, Fashion Designers, Or Beauty Moguls. It’s For Everybody, For Anyone Who Wants To Look At The Official TrendSketches Blog For Any Reason. It’s For You.

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Love, Nikkol Baker