Field & Tides

Field & Tides Is A Small, Homely Gastropub That Serves Southern Fare With A Deliciously Modern Twist. Located In The Houston Heights, Field & Tides Gives Off A Amicable Vibe, And It’s Almost Impossible To Not Have A Pleasant Time. The Cuisine And Hospitable Waitstaff Was A Excellent Combination. Read More About Field & Tides!


Field & Tides Was Introduced To The Houston Heights Community Just A Short Year Ago. The Upscale Restaurant Is A Dilute Navy Blue House With A Garage Placed Near The Back And Is Surrounded By Other Homes. Usually High-End Places Are Intricate Establishments, So It Was Surprising And Different. The Parking Is Valet, Which Is Always A Plus But It Was Not Optional. The Inside Of The Restaurant Is Very Small And Cramped With Around 10 Tables To Be Seated. The Gastropub Is Very Simple And Nice; You Don’t Feel Intimidated. The First Thing I Immediately Noticed Was The Ceiling, Which Was Made Of Shag Carpet Because The Small Restaurant Often Became Boisterous. My Family And I Was Sat Near The Front Of The Restaurant Which Is Very Close To The Compact Bar, The Kitchen, And Bathrooms.


Service Was Wonderful, From Being Seated To Leaving The Restaurant. When Entering We Were Greeted Warmly By A Lady And Was Taken To A Table Immediately. All The Waitstaff Wore Casual Clothing And Gave Off A Laid-Back Vibe. Our Waiter Quickly Came And Told Us The Specials In A Very Resounding Way. He Suggested Courses And Helped Me Choose A Beverage When I Was Indecisive. Our Drinks Were Always Replaced In A Timely Manner. He Was Quick, Attentive, And Funny; All The Qualities That Make A Good Waiter. We Were Impressed.


Although The Food Did Take Some Time To Be Brought Out, You Could Really Tell That Food Was Made With Care Just By How It Tasted. It Was Delectable And Harmonious, With A Respectable Amount Of Seasoning. I Ordered A Flavorful F&T Burger With Crunchy, Fluffy French Fries. My Burger Was Moist And Savory, And That Is Something That’s Hard To Accomplish. I Tried A Little Of All Of My Families Dishes, And They Were Delicious.

This Is A Place I Will Most Likely Visit Again With My Family Or With Friends. The Customers In The Restaurant Seemed To Enjoy Themselves And Each Others Company. Their Food Took A Little Long To Be Brought Out And Is Slightly Pricey, But It Was Memorable. Field & Tides Seems To Run Smoothly. I Recommend Visiting During Brunch On The Weekend If You’re Feeling Frugal. All In All, The Homely Gastropub Is A 6/10. Those In The Houston Area Should Visit This Place.

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