My College Experience

The University Life. I Do My Homework During The Weekends, And Study During The Week. At College I Have More Liberty, More Freedom To Things Unlike High School. But I Also Have To Manage My Time Accordingly. Devoting Your Time To Study Is A Must, And Procrastination Is A Bust. Learn More About My College Experience.

I Got The Rare Opportunity To Attend Community College While Attending High School, And There I Acquired 37 Credits. During My Freshman And Sophomore Year Of High School I Had Less Free Time And Was Stuck On A Tight Schedule. But When I Was Introduced To The College Life As A Junior, I Fooled Around. I Didn’t Attend Class And Didn’t Do My Work. It Negatively Affected My Performance, And Was The Worst Mistake I’ve Ever Made. After Graduating, I Vowed To Never Skip And Procrastinate During The Remainder Of My College Years.

I Now Attend The University Of Houston – Downtown Full Time As Sophomore, And Spring 2018 I Will Be Attending San Jacinto College To Finish My Associates. The Workload Is A Little More Than High School, And More Complex. In High School, You Typically Take 7-8 Classes, And Whenever Homework Was Assigned It Was Generally Due The Next Day. In College It’s Usually Due Every Other Day Or The Next Week, And The Majority Of The Work You Can Complete In A Day. In College, Time Management Is Immensely Crucial. I Have To Schedule My Social And School Life A Week In Advance. Some Days I’m Locked In My Room Studying Or Doing Assignments. Other Days I’m Chilling With My Family Or My Boyfriend. Managing Your Time Each Week Isn’t Impossible, But Your Priorities Can Impact How Well You Do In School. In High School, I Made The Mistake Of Making My Social Life My Main Priority And Put My College Work On The Back Burner. I’m Not Going To Lie, College Does Get Tough But No Matter What Happens Always Make Sure Your Education Is First. Your Education Will Stay With You For The Rest Of Your Life, Your Friends Might Not.

Freedom Is A Scary And Exciting Experience. Being Able To Wear Whatever, Bring Whatever, And Leave Whenever Is Something All High Schoolers Dreamed Of. Instead Of High School Starting At 7 And Ending At 3, You Can Choose Your Own Time And Course Type As Well As The Amount Of Classes You Want To Take. Instead Of Taking General Classes You Choose What You Want To Major In And What You Want To Study. But, Freedom Does Come With Consequences. You May Be Able To Choose The Time You Want, But You Also May Not Want To Attend Class If It’s Early In The Morning And You’re A Night Owl. You Could Have A Paper Due In Two Days, But Your Newfound Freedom May Tell You “You Got Another Day, You Should Go Hang With Your Friends…” Be Free, You Deserve It, But Utilize Your Time Wisely Before It Starts To Cost You.

All Of This Homework And Studying Starts To Catch Up To You. Not Only Does It Affect Your Performance, But It Also Starts To Affect Your Body. You Wake Up Foggy Or You Start Falling Asleep In Class. It Can Get To The Point Where You Stop Attending Or You Drop The Course. Time Management And Keeping Your Body Right Lets You Avoid That Situation. If I End Up Sleeping Later Than One, It’s Either One Of Two Things: I Was Studying Extra Hard Or I Didn’t Schedule My Time Correctly So Now I Have To Cram A Lot Of Assignments In One Night. Half Of High School I Did This ALL The Time. Because Of This It Caught Up To Me Physically And Academically. Physically I Woke Up Late And I Suffered Academically. In College, I Now Plan My Time And I’m Free From Homework The Whole Week!

“A College Degree Is Not A Sign That One Is A Finished Product But An Indication A Person Is Prepared For Life” – Edward Malloy. College Is The Key To Open Doors For Opportunity. When Employers See That You Have A Degree, They See That You’re Able To Listen And Be Trained.


Finished 4 Assignments And One Essay

TrendSketches Tips
  • Unused Time Is A Waste Of Time, So Schedule Your Time Wisely. Buy An Academic Planner To Schedule Out What Your Week Will Look Like. If A Friend Wants To Hang Out The Night Before You Have An Exam, Say You’re Unable To Because You Have To Study.
  • Be Motivated. Whenever I Think About The Workload Or A Hard Test, I Remember That On The Other Side There’s A Bachelors Degree!
  • It Will Get Better. If You’ve Failed A Test, Do Not Worry. Work Harder To Get A Higher Score On The Next. Take More Rigorous Notes And Speak To Your Professor. Every College Has Resources To Help You On Subjects You’re Struggling With. They Could Be Computers, Books, Or Student Instructors. Use Them!
  • Organization And Procrastination Is A Major Problem I Had My First Year In College. To Keep Up With My Assignments And Notes Is Bought  Folders And Notebooks From The 99 Cent Store And Used Both For Each Of My Classes. In Every Folder I Have A Syllabus So I Can Manage My Coursework.
  • Speaking Of Keeping Up, Always Check Your E-Mails And Course Management (We Use Blackboard). Professors E-Mail Students To Remind Them About Assignments And Inform Them About Certain Things Like Cancelled Classes Or Extensions.
  • Lastly, You Have To Keep Your Body Right. Bring A Water Bottle To Class And Attempt To Eat Breakfast. Get An Adequate Amount Of Sleep. Restless Nights Means Naps During Class Or Study Time. I Get Around 7-9 Hours Of Rest, So I’m Usually Ready To Take On The Day.

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