Elza Fouché

The Shoe Queen, Or Elza Fouché, Is An Australian Based Artist That Illustrates With Style. All Of Her Pieces Are Illustrated By Hand And It’s Almost Therapeutic Looking At All The Colors. Her Hard Work And Dedication Pays Off, Read All About Elza Fouché!

Tell Me About Yourself And Your Love For Fashion Illustrating.

“My Name Is Elza And I’m 25 Years Old. I Was Born And Raised In New Zealand, And I Now Live In Western Australia. Growing Up I Had An Artistic Father, So Art Was Always A Part Of My Life. I Wasn’t Serious About Art Until My Mother Got Me A Little Watercolor Set One Christmas And I Decided To Give It A Try. Instantly I Was Hooked And From Then On My Art Has Changed And Developed Over The Years By Continuous Practice. I Now Love Illustrating With Copic Markers.”

Have You Always Been Into Fashion?

“I Have Always Loved Fashion; When I Was Younger My Friends And I Would Always Dress Up And I Loved To “Design” My Own Clothing. Originally I Wanted To Be A Fashion Designer, But I Didn’t Enjoy The Sewing. Instead, I Taught Myself How To Paint. I Used To Do Portraits But Fashion Illustrating Is Definitely My Passion. What Inspires Me Is All The Different Artists, The Different Style And Techniques Makes Me So Excited To Get Creative. It’s Very Motivating.”

What Do You Like To Illustrate The Most? Is It Challenging To Create?

“I Mostly Love Illustrating Shoes. I’m Not Very Good In Heels, So Why Not Just Draw Them?”

Is There Any Advice You’d Like To Give To Inspiring Illustrators?

“The Advice I Have For Inspiring Illustrators Is This Quote By Winston Churchill, “Continuous EFFORT Not Strength Or Intelligence Is The Key To Unlocking Your Potential.” Also, Start With The Best Materials It Just Helps!”

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