Beauty Tips: Products And Brands For Dark Skin

When You Have Dark Skin, It Could Be Very Hard To Find Foundation In The Spectrum That Is Your Color. Many Makeup Companies Have Foundation, Concealer, Powders, And More That May Not Have Your Skin Tone. But, There Are Some Companies That Have The Perfect Makeup For You, That Isn’t Too Light Or Too Dark. Check Out Some Of These Makeup Companies Below! Continue reading


Beauty Tips: Let Your Face Breathe!

Beauty Tips #1: Let Your Face Breathe!

Makeup To Me Is A Hobby, Way Of Life, And A Glamour Asset; To Others, Not So Much. But My Number One Priority To Skin Is Having A Clean Face That Makes My Pores Sing With Pure Joy! Here’s My 10 Minute Routine For An Immaculate Face 😍!

(If You Buy These Products, Make SURE There’s No Ingredients You’re Allergic Or Have Bad Reactions To Inside). Continue reading